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  • Welcome to Mallorcas "golden valley"

  • The bay of Sóller. Greetings from the "pirates of the carribean"

  • An impressive stage as seen from the sea

For many persons Sóller is the most beautiful place on Majorca. This is due foremost with its outstanding location: the deep blue Mediterranean Sea on one side and the high summits of the Tramuntana mountain range on the other.

The golden valley

The valley of Sóller lays approx. 30 kms from Palma to the north of the capital city of Mallorca and commuting is easy. The valley gets its name due to the rich vegetation, particularly of the extensive orange, lemon and olive trees, "the golden valley ".

Special surroundings

Due to its geographic location, Sóller had limited accessibility until the beginning of the 19th century. The construction of the electric train to Palma (1918) brought reliable accessibility to the metropolis. This opened the way for trade in Sóller. Some habitants relocated to France essentially to maintain closer trade relations there than with the rest of Majorca.

Sóllers geographical location and the mountain ranges of the Tramontana is the reason that it has been spared from mass tourism. Simply put, there isn’t room for the big hotels. Small village charm still thrives here. Sóller is an authentic piece Mallorca!

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