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  • The bay of Sóller. Greetings from the "pirates of the carribean"

  • An impressive stage as seen from the sea

There a many possibilities for fun and aquatic sport in and on the water in the harbor.

In the clam shaped bay of the Port of Sóller you’ll find two sunbathing beaches with excellent water quality.

For those who would rather be on the water, pedal boats, kayaks and motorboats are available for hire. Or try yourself on a paddle board.

And for our diving friends there is a very well outfitted PADI diving school that offers equipment rental, courses and organized diving excursions to numerous interesting diving areas just off the coast shelf as well as an extraordinary area for cave diving.

You can rent boats (with the appropriate credentials). Or perhaps you would like to go deep sea fishing? No problem.

For romantics, there are sun down boat excursions available.

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